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What do you think? Advice, suggestion...

I have a friend whose parent is exibiting some strange behavior. The parent basically would make some loud strange noise and cause everyone in the house to panic and it turned out to be nothing. Also he would behave very good at the presense of guest and then behave really bad (not really his character) when he is with his family alone. He would throw tandrum for no unknown reason.

I am a prenursing student and I am curious what I would look for if I were a nurse. Also what kind of family teaching that can be done?

Sounds like he should see a doctor, which I'm sure everyone else will tell you as well. It could be many things. Tourette's Syndrome pops into my head though. Definitely should go get checked out.


babynurselsa, RN

Specializes in ER, NICU, NSY and some other stuff.

I would suggest a visit to the Dr.

A comprehensive physical my show something that can be easliy tx.

Without knowing what the problem is it would be hard to provide any teaching.

Yea... guess I'll try to encourage my friend to have the parents see the doctor to get more details. Hopefully it is something not too complicated. We'll see...


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