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What are all the things you should have on your first nursing job?


What are soem good website and brands of things?

I know I would love to find a good pocket reference but I have not been able to find one with all that I want...such as disease processes and s/s, labs, assessment, meds..

Any suggestions?


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Ok well i am officially confused, but maybe you are after clothes, shoes, steth, etc? What are you after, and be a little more specific, and maybe we can assist you a llittle more.

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I know I would love to find a good pocket reference but I have not been able to find one with all that I want...such as disease processes and s/s, labs, assessment, meds..

Any suggestions?

I found RN Notes very helpful.

helper T cell

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Bandage scissors. You will use them all the time. Comfy shoes a total must. I just found this cool web site nurse pro pac. I have the pro pac. I really like it. Eveybody is different but i like a clip board. A good stethiscope if you can afford one. be sure to mark it. Have fun with your scrub shopping!! Oh of course a watch with a second hand.

would you be so kind to post the website where you found the pro pack?


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a good "brain" sheet:)

How about just a good brain! very much needed for us new grad nurses! ;)

At the beginning I had A "gear" pack that I wore around my waist to carry stuff -- can't believe I even did that.

Stuff I bought after seeing I needed it:

Good shoes!

A 2nd stethoscope w/ my name on it (first one got "lifted."

Scrub tops w/ pockets in the right places

But just mainly more GOOD SHOES!

Morettia2, BSN, RN

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Dansko's if you can tolerate the "breaking in" period, but once boken in LOVE EM', hence the reason I have 7 pairs in all diff colors and styles,

A good stethoscope, the Littman Classic II S.E. I have had for 4 years and it's amazing. I pick up breath sounds that other nurses can't hear. Also gives great S1S2 sounds, you can actualy heary the gallop or ken-tuk-y sound. And clear bowl sounds, you don't have to spend time in dead silence for bowl sounds.

Good scrubs. And a short sleeve matching scrub jacket...more pockets

Cherokee makes great long sleeve t-shirts for the winter time.

Thin socks, with re-inforced stiching at the toes, if not you will be buying new socks all the time.

The ACLS Pocket guide

A GOOD DRUG BOOK...Nursing 2006 which came out in 2005 is the best drug guide I ever had, infact I beat mine up so much in school, that when I graduated in 07 I had a 2nd copy. Nursing 2008 is not any good try Nursing 2009. I hate anyof the other drug guides, they give little info, and are missing all kindsof meds. The Nursing 200whatever drug guides give you so much info. I have MD's use my drug guide.

Have a quick refrence book for Lab's, Diseases, and tests and procedures. There is a series of books that are quick refrence guides called Nurses Quick Check by Lippincott, I have about 6 Nurses quick Check, labs, lytes, disease process, fluids, ect...ALSO have a great Medical cyclopedia at home. I have Tabers..Love it.

Pocket refrene guides like RN notes, or Nursng PD are good for orientation and good to have in your locker at work. Also any ER nurse should have a Emegency and Critical Care Pocket guide 5th edition by paula derr.

PDA's are ok but if you drop them in something that's well a human bodily fluid you risk the chance of ruining the PDA, where as a pockey guide you just wipe it off and keep going. Also you don't have to charge a pocket guide. A PDA has to be charged, so if it's a critical situation a ACLS pocket guide won't run run out of batteries, but a PDA will...

Invest in oxyclean for when you wash your uniforms.

Invest in a stain stick for your uniforms, and you may not know what that dime size stain is or where it came from.

A good bag to take to work, esp. as a new RN. YOu are bombarded with papers and crap, along with all of the guides you may carry. After time you know what to have with you at all times in you bag, and books or papers to keep at home or in your locker.

A GOOD Cardiac Rhythm BOOK. And something with a picture of how to do a 12 lead EKG (keep in bag or locker for quick refrence). It's amazing how many nurses do not know how to do a 12 lead EKG.

A GOOD WATCH. I have a swiss army watch that is now discontinued. This is my second one of the exact same make and model. It's a rubber/silicone band easy to clean, with a big watch face and both regular time and military time and a huge sweeping second hand. I get compliments on it all the time. Infact My aunt who is an ER nurse with30+ years exp gave me my first one when I was in Nursing school. She loved it so much my mom and I bought her the exact same watch. When I started my first job as an RN the band snapped due to major abuse while I was in school. I bouht the 2nd one on e-bay b/c it was discontinued by swiss army. the orig. price was 400 beans, but the second one I bought on e-bay, same exact watch was only 100 beans. DO not be afraid to spend money on a GOOD WATCH!!! A slicone band you can clean, a cloth band hold skin, mildew, and god know what else, and a leather band is just gross looking after the first time it gets wet with water. Always have military time and a sweeping 2nd hand along with the date on the watch. Never a digital watch.

Umm good pillows and sheets and room darkening blinds and curtains.

And always have coffee, water or tea!!!

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