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So what does it take to be a L&D nurse? I am just about to start a nursing program so i know that i am a long way away from choosing a specialty.....But I just woiuld like to explore the possibilities out there....Can you guys give me a realist type rundown on what goes on as a L&D nurse. Thanks


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Today at work I realized the most important characteristic of a L&D nurse: A bladder the size of Texas...

I think you just need to be up for anything (you never know what'll happen in a night)and be able to deal with scary situations and be able to look at the whole family as a patient.


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I think felxibility is a big one and being ready for anything and thinking well on you feet. You usually have a fairly large scope of practice (varying to each facility). When it gets busy you just get busy too and suck it up. You can't tell the, to wait. But its a great place to work and lots of fun. Definately a positive environment.



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L&D---hummm..I think it boils down to being a people person, empathetic and open minded. Then, add to that a person who can analyze a situation and quickly plan and initiate interventions. It is important to keep open to learning and advancing your knowledge base. Most of all...it takes a very self-assured and assertive nurse to do right by their patient in O.B. All too often, you are calling the shots long before the physician or midwife enters the picture. Excellent communication skills is a must. Good luck. It's a challanging and rewarding area to work.

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All the above.....So much more...A drive and really a need to be where the action is...Respect of fear...Bring your personality and humor in along with the empathy and knowledge. It can get as complicated as heck and as simple as a wordless hug....Welcome


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When patients worry that they are sqeezing my hand too hard, I always tell them when you get off orientation on L&D, your hands turn to steel!!

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Sense of humor, genuine kindness, good instincts, ability to go without food, water (coffee) for long periods of time, fearlessness of body fluids! (Quick-draw on glove box)

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