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For all of you wonderful Psych RN's..

18 yo guy here just searching for his path...

I would like to know what it takes to be an RN in a Psychiatric setting. I am esp. interested in working in a Adolescent Psych unit. Mostly because I have dealt with them before although who knows, I might become interested in adults as well once I begin volunteering at a homeless shelter.

The whole concept of all drugs which affect the brain really intruige me greatly. Anti Psychotics,Anti Deppresants and the effects of mixing them with different diseases and such is really interesting.

I have experience being a patient on a few Psych units thus I know what it is like there. Lastly, would being on medication myself and having past experience inside a Psych unit as a patient prevent me from working in one myself?


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Being a former patient and being on medication would surely be a great advantage, like the best diabetes nurses have Diabetes in the family etc.

"Psychotics,Anti Deppresants and the effects of mixing them with different diseases and such is really interesting. "

You remind me of meself, i was like that too and was determined to give psych a go sometime or other. My first job happened to be at a detox clinic with a lot of double diagnoses etc and id be surprised if i ever ended up in somatic again.


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It takes is for you to CHILL.

Don't take everything so deeply serious.


Just figuring out why they are behaving that way will keep ya busy.

nurse2be in ny

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Look into becoming a psychiatric technician, esp. on a child/adolescent unit, if that's what you're interested in. That'll give you great experience, and will let you see up close what it takes to become a psych RN.


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Hello again... Thanks for all the advice.

I had a question regarding a Chem. Dependency tech... Does anyone know of there functions? I have a job lined up for a position of this but I would kinda like an idea as to what the dutys would entail.

Any help would be great!!


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You must present yourself as professional as can be.

These are very manipulative persons and very bright.

The other way would be to ask them questions about how they got there, how do they know they are addicted etc. helping break through the denial process.

You can learn a lot too.


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