What tactics do you use with Know All Aides?


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That's the thing too. The family were so nice and they were dealing with their dying relative, their dying husband and father. All this individual put across is that he was too much trouble for her/us. Without asking and dismissing everything I had said to her.

I'll admit that there are CNAs LPNs RNs and MDs who can all have this heartless attitude, it's not really the fact that she's a CNA that's bothering me, it's the fact that her attitude is totally wrong, and she won't be told that it's wrong.

I'm totally with you, she just added unneeded stress on an already upset family. And I've been there, as one of those family members, so I have an idea of what they're going through.


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Answer usually has something to do with the next person in the chain of command. No sense in stressing out over a situation that can't be changed, if your own supervisor is only going to take the side of the CNA against you. Sad that this occurs in lots of situations, but that is the reality of it.


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We have our share of know-it-all aides also - I usually thank them for their input, then tell them I am taking care of it. With your situation, I probably would have ended up saying the same thing.

What's even worse sometimes are the ones who are the alarmists - "OMG, Mr. Jones looks terrible! He looks like he's dying right now!" I run down to his room and Mr. Jones is fine, the aide doesn't understand that Mr. Jones has sob on exertion but that is baseline -