What superhero are you?


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All nurses exemplify super heroes. Whether it's the nurse who comes in to cover a sick co-worker, to the nurse who goes the extra mile at work for their patient. We may not climb tall buildings, leap over cars or save people from giant apes but we all contribute in some super way. The nurse that ensures their pt is turned in a regular basis to prevent a pressure ulcer, the nurse that encourages kangaroo care for a preemie or the nurse that juggles six med surg pts - all of these are super heroes. Tell us what super hero YOU are?

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Apparently we don't think we are particularly heroic, eh? C'mon, y'all clicked on 'Like'......

Okay, I'm not shy (anymore) so I'll start:

My strength may not be heroic, but I am very good at Listening, Hearing, and Understanding. My time of dealing with the technologies of nursing is passed; I'm 65 and admire and respect all the knowledge and competence newer nurse's display.

But my knowledge of people, no, the person who my patient, allows me to really 'see' who they are and acknowledge and honor them, and they feel that even if they may not 'know' it.

I am very good with crabby folks. I pay attention to the part of them that really needs to be a real person with legitimate and reasonable expectations to be treated as THEMSELVES and not just a 'patient' or 'client'. As much as possible within the care I am to provide I try to accommodate that person. They feel comfortable with me, trust me, and often will cooperate with me when they don't with others.

I am not bragging. I learned what it was like at a very young age to be 'glossed over', not heard, not understood, to not be seen as a real person beneath my facade. I vowed at the age of 10 or 11 to NEVER treat other people like I was treated. It's not like I am 'trying' to relate to them; God turned my lousy life experiences into having a real heart for the people under my care.

It doesn't get in the way of performing my duties, I don't try to become 'friends' with them, and I am clear on boundaries and professionalism. I am not a rainbows and unicorns and butterflies pushover. I'm as real as real can get, but I am able to do my job with love and humor.

God graciously gave me an ability to (most always) be able to find a common plane on which to relate and be therapeutic at the same time.


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I've got my own troubles and worries, just as anybody else. I struggle with anxiety and depression. I'm afraid of making a wrong decision, or not doing a good job. My goals: be of value to my team, and stand up for what is right. I'm not perfect. I'm no hero.

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I'm definitely not a superhero.

I do my job, but in all honesty, I do not have a high level of dedication to anything that's related to work. Over the years I've watched as highly dedicated nurses with heroic qualities were demoted, denied raises, canned and/or replaced.

I do my job, go home, and I try to not think too much about work on my days off. To me, work/life balance is more important than playing the superhero role.

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My superhero activity included creating actives for the seniors who looked so all alone. That did give them something to look forward to and to share with others. I also loved to write letters for them to their families and loved ones. I just loved what I did so much (although I would fall asleep at the dinner table from being so tired,) I didn't consider it being work as much as I enjoyed helping those who needed it most. :)


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You, No Stars In My Eyes, have shared, quite cogently, in my not so humble opinion, an impressive narrative, a refreshing point of view that one would only learn from having walked in your shoes. You deserve the self-respect that you obviously have. I admire the strength of character acquired on your journey and your willingness to publicly express your feelings. Some will learn and change from your comments and the world will be a slightly better place for it.

I do want to disagree with you on one point: You suggest that you have little knowledge of 'people'. You do not, apparently, treat people as ordinary which is indicative of a deep understanding of 'People'. Thanks for the glimpse of your 'rainbow'!!

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Thank you, CuriousJim. :)