What Student Nurse Book would u recommend?


hello everyone! i just got accepted into my schools rn nursing program:d! i was just wondering if any of you use helpful books, other than your school's textbooks, that help you with clinicals/studies/dosages/etc...what book, even pocket-sized book, would you recommend that is helpful for new nursing students?:confused:

i went to barnes and noble today but they really didnt have a big selection for nursing students.

i just want to be best prepared as i could be.

p.s if you have any tips please share! i am unbelievably thrilled, that i am a step closer to my dream!

hope to hear from you


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I like the Saunder's NCLEX review. I use it to study for tests. Just do the practice questions on the same subject as your are testing in school. It really helps.

I also have a few of the Made Incredibly Easy Books. If there is something you don't understand, these books really break it down. I like the Fluid and Electrolyte one especially.

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Made Incredibly Easy makes some pocket guides. I really like the patho & F&E ones.

As for other pocket guides, RNotes is a really good one!