What is the Standarized Exit Exam?

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Does anyone know what standarized exit exam is? Has anyone taken it? What does it consist of? Is this test a comprehensive test of all nursing materials we've learned in nurisng program? So what happens if a person did not pass the test? Are they kicked out of nursing school and not eligible to take the NCLEX test or what? :uhoh21:

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Well we had to take something called the CAP (Comprehensive Achievement Profile) which is a national standardized nursing exam. In our class, if you scored below the national average, you don't advance to the next semester. In third semester, there are two of them. I just can't wait:chair:

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We take the standardized NLN tests at the end of each semester, or now, at the end of every 8-week specialty rotation. We get the results about 6 weeks later, so performance isn't tied to advancement in the program. But they do counsel students individually if their scores indicate that there might be a problem - they're supposed to be a pretty reliable indicator of NCLEX performance.

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