What to do in this situation?


Hi everyone. I just got back from my interview and i'm not feeling all that confident. I met with a lady and she asked me the same questions as in a previous interview! I didnt know what to do? Was I supposed to answer them the same as I did before? Or were they looking for different answers?

i've never been asked the same questions more than once by the same company!

Please tell me what you would have done!



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I bet she asks everybody the same ole thing and that the decision will be made on how you looked, your credentials, and their immediate need. Don't worry. If you are not offered a position ask what they were looking for that you lacked. Probably not personal anyway, but if it is, you would learn about yourself and that would help with the next interview.



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What were some of the questions? Maybe you were suppose to answer them the same if they were the type of questions that they would like to see you stick to your answers. No changing minds or reliability?

I have had interviews that did that (non-nursing though) and they did it to make sure that I was being honest and straight with them. Wanted to see if I kept my stories straight about past expereince and my skills.

Just a thought.

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was this your 2nd interview with the same person?

either way, i always answer truthfully as it shows consistency and integrity.

best wishes.




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thanks for your replies. the interview was with a different person. the 2 questions in particular were "tell me about a time when you dealt with an angry customer" and "why should we hire you".

Now, My first instinct was to give new answers (as she had notes from the previous interviews right in front of her...I didnt want to sound like I had memorized/made up the answers) so I gave different answers. I thought that maybe some variety in my answers would give them more to go on when they review files next week. Does that make any sense?

I hope I did the right thing! I want this job so bad!!! Maybe I am just over thinking it all because hiring decisions will be made soon!

Thanks again for your thoughts!

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