What was your shortest/longest stay at a job?

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I'm just curious what was everyone's shortest stay at a job ? Your longest ?


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Shortest: About 3 months on a med-surg floor (my dh was unexpectedly transferred, the job was fine)

Longest : 30 years! However, OB/GYN changed so much in that time period it was almost like having 3 or 4 different jobs.


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Shortest: 2 months. This was at a trucking company and trust me, I knew on day 1 that I'd made a horrible mistake.

Longest: 3 years.


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Longest: 10 years (advertising). Shortest: 1 year (teaching middle school...folks who can do that year after year are SAINTS).

Longest and shortest nursing jobs: 2 years (but I've only been a nurse since 2000).


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I believe teachers are saints ! I couldn't deal with that many children on an everyday basis , (though sometimes between my LTC pt's and my fellow staff I feel like I am in Kindergarden)

I was wondering because no matter what jobs I have had in the past , I have always changed frequently .That being the case nursing seemed like an ideal career , always a place to move , something totally new to do .


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Shortest= 1 week at Wal-mart... oh man, that sucked!

Longest= 12 years at McDonald's... oh man, that sucked worse!

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My shortest was 2 days...at a nursing home....

Pretty on the "exterior"..."ugly, ugly, ugly" on the "interior"


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Longest- 2.5 years. Shortest- about 15 minutes. Got hired for home health once. Walked out of the office,sat in my car and realized "What the hell do I want to do home health for?" Walked back in, thanked them nicely, and resigned on the spot.


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Shortest: 1 day.... It was telemarketing, need I say more?


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