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I know that this is a complex question, but I was wondering if you guys would tell me the benefits and disadvantages of being an R.N vs. P.A. vs. being a nurse practitioner. I haven't been able to find very good info. on what being a P.A or N.P. entails, other than extra schooling. I was wondering if you think that the extra schooling is worth it?


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Any extra schooling is worth it if it means achieving your goal..my goal is to be a nurse, so going back to school for another 3 years of my life will be worth it..I also plan to go back and study to become either an NP or CRNA..either path I choose will be worth the extra schooling...


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There are exceptions, but in general, you need to be an RN with experience as a nurse and a BSN in order to apply for NP programs. You also generally need a four-year degree for acceptance to PA school - some people earn the BSN and make the NP/PA decision later.


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Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are considered mid level practitioners. They typically have the ability to formulate a diagnosis, order tests, and prescribe treatments within their scope of practice. A NP is an RN who has the ability to apply the nursing process at a very advanced level. I would have a very hard time comparing an RN to a NP, because a NP is in fact an RN.

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