What questions to ask of HR


Hi all,

I have an interview next week for a job I REAAAALLLYYY want. I will be interviewed by HR prior to being interviewed with the nurse manager and educator.

My question is what questions should i ask of HR? I never have any problems coming up with questions for the nurse manager etc, but HR I am always stumped because some questions, like pay are off limits.

Any ideas? it is for a staff RN position.


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I ask about benefits, retirement options, tuition reimbursement, information about how many positions are open; whether annual raises occur each year, etc.

Usually a good employer, IMHO, are upfront about their perks; they want to recruit and retain talented individuals.

To add: pay was brought up by the recruiter when I went on my most recent interview, so that still can occur as well; the premise was that they wanted to pay me more, and they will. :D