What would you do? Provider without ID starts examing your patient without introduction


What would you do if you encountered an unbadged provider doing exams on patients without introduction to you or patient?

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JBudd, MSN

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Ask him who he is, where is his badge, and what service he is with. Too many crazies out there.

I once asked an unbadged man standing at my ER desk asking questions about how it was going, who he was. Turned out it was our CEO. Told him to his face he needed his badge on.


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I introduce myself and politely ask who they are.

bagladyrn, RN

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I walk up and say "Hello, I'm bagladyrn. I don't believe we've met".

Had a few providers become indignant that I don't know them but if they aren't wearing their badge it's their own fault.


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Well, since I work in a locked down ED and we have a VERY strict policy about wearing badges they would be talking to security.