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Hello, I know there are a lot of posts about the TEAS exam on this website,but I have a question. How do you know if you score is proficient, exemplary, advanced because it did not say on my TEAS test when I had taken it. It just had the National and Mean score for the school and above it stated my ADJUSTED SCORE which was taken at Gordon College. I do have to admit it has been a year now since I have taken the TEAS because I had changed my major to HIM. I have now decided to go back and get my RN degree so this is why I wanted to know about the scores. My score was very low and it was the 4.0 not the 5.0. I have to admit I did not prepare myself for the test. I just wanted to know because I am applying at GPC, Clayton, West Ga for the fall semester. I am scheduled to take the test in November. I hear TEAS 5.0 is hard so I have started studying for the exam so I can get my proficient score. :)

I've taken the test twice now, old version and the newer one. The first time I took it I didn't get a score like that. It might be something new because the version V gave me an "advanced" label.

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I am sure scores that are considered "proficient, exemplary, advanced " are determined by individual programs. One school I applied to accepted students starting around 70% adjusted score. Some schools look at the national % ranking. I suggest you contact the schools you are interested in, they will give you the poop. Then you can decide to apply, retake the TEAS or whatever. Good luck.

When you take the TEAS V for GPC, it will tell you if you scored Proficient, Advanced,or Exemplary. Did you apply to GPC yet? They have changed how they do things. You must first apply before doing the TEAS. They will evaluate your grades and then schedule you for the TEAS V

I am applying for an LPN program that starts September 2011. I'll be taking the TEAS in either Jan or Feb and I am nervous as heck!!! I bought a Barrons review for entrance exams and I'm getting the ATI book as well. Problem is...math was never really my thing and I haven't been in a classroom in 17 years...except for Phlebotomy school. Any tips or words of wisdom...I'm really worried that I'm not gonna be able to swing this!

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Thanks everyone for the information!!:) I have noticed where some school give you the score that is needed for their school like Gordon, GSU, and Mercer so I guess the school will let you know what score is proficient for the TEAS. I am not taking the TEAS test until January because I got to study.

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