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What would you do? Possible blood splash...

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Hello! I would like to ask a question to some more experienced nurses...I've been a nurse for three years working at the same place in long term care. I was doing an accucheck on a female resident who is 80 years old, has been at the facility 2 years, has near perfect lab work...protein may have been off, no risk factors for hiv, hep etc that I am aware of and have read h&p, medical dx of dementia and htn... Anyways...I put the accucheck strip (flexable) up to the blood like usual after pricking finger, however while doing this the strip got caught on her long fingernail (with the blood on the strip) and flung a few specks/splash of her blood on my glove...Now I know that is not anything to worry about, but i'm thinking what if some got into my mouth or another mucus membrane on my face? I did not taste blood. I did tell my supervisor who said she does not have hiv/aids and more blood would have been needed from that of an accucheck strip. I dont think normally I would be so worried about this but I am currently 8mos pregnant with my first child and I feel like I should have went to the hospital even though I have no proof of blood splashing on me. I also told my obgyn who looked at me like I was crazy. . . Anyone?

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I honestly don't think you have anything to worry about. There is almost no way that any of the resident's blood got into your mucous membranes. Don't sweat it.

I feel like when you are pregnant, being extra concerned about everything is normal (though it causes your mind to run away with stuff- which is not helpful).

I remember just about having a fit and falling into it over undercooked eggs in a restaurant after clearly stating that I preferred hard scrambled- for food safety purposes. Remember sending back undercooked meat too.

It's good you got the reassurance (from multiple sources) that you and your baby are safe.

Thanks everyone for your replies. I guess I should move on! 😏