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My mum, 92, partially blind and pretty deaf, fell and broke her right arm last week. She lay on the floor till my dad, also 90 but fit as a bull found her. He rang around all the 'help' services, as they always told him to call, but finally discovered noone could help. Finally he rang 000 and got an ambulance. In hospital in a you-beaut swish-bang high-tech renal ward(?), blind, deaf and in pain, she sat, unable to fill out her menu let alone feed herself. The nurses seemed totally unaware of her difficulties, despite 15 min blood obs etc etc and were surprised to discover she wasn't just ignoring them! Is nursing entropying? Just how indifferent are we becoming ?

This makes me so cross. I have worked with so many trained nurses that are so pre-occupied with their "important" tasks, they fail to notice the most basic human needs in their patients.

Thank god for caring HCA's who notice the food, warmth and communication needs in patients on wards where some trained nurses are so up themselves that they think anything other than obs and paperwork is below them.

I worked in aged care, stroke and rehab and prided myself on being a nurse who recognised patients basic needs as well as the "important" high tech stuff. All nurses should be encouraged to regulary take a long hard look at what they are doing and make sure they are caring for the holistic needs of their patients.

Health care assistants should be encouraged to report trained staff for ignoring basic patient care.

I hope your Mum gets the care she deserves and feels better soon.

Scoobs x

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Sorry to hear. Hope she gets better soon.



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Hi daisee. i'm sorry to hear about your mother - it must be doubly frustrating to first not have any useful services available and then have this distressing inpatient experience.

In defense of the nursing staff, I have a primary patient with gentamycin-induced hearing loss. This is her third admission in twelve months and it always takes me a couple of "why is she ignoring me?" experiences before I remember to get her attention, face her, and speak clearly and loudly. :rolleyes:

Please let us know how your mother goes. Good luck :)

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