What path should i take? please advise me..

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Im a new grad nurse here in the Phil. and im having a dilemma wheter to take the boards here or try my chances at nclex and work abroad. i considered skipping the local boards here due to the competition and lack of work available.

i also don't have yet any work experience with me. will it hinder me from landing a job in the US.? or they are going to train you there if they hire you already.? I feel ashamed to work in the US without any work experience but if they can give it to me thats a plus.! thanks in advance for those who will reply more power to this site.!

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I think you should try and connect with other nurses who've gone abroad and see what they say.

We have some nurses from the P.I. who've come here on contract and most of them have a lot of experience stemming from working in the Middle East.

I hope you find something to get experience so that you can have a better chance at getting work abroad. Good luck to you!


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You're going to find stiff competition and difficulty finding jobs in many places here in the US as well.

Many hospitals have new grad residency programs in which they train you for a given time in exchange for you to sign a contract to work for a couple years.


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Some US states require you to be licensed in your home country in order to be eligible for licensure in that state, so, depending on what states you're interested in, you might need to pass the NLE. Also, in the current economic climate of the US, US citizen new grads are having a terrible time finding employment in many areas -- employers are mainly interested in experienced RNs.

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