What nursing course can achieve a license quickly?

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I decided to go into the nursing field after debating if i should for 3 years. My friend who achieved her CNA and is now working at a nursing home facility. I would like to achieve my CNA, but if i do, is that another door open for opportunities inthe future to do more? I am also wondering what type of courses or classes that i can take, that will give me a license to work in the nursing field. Problem is i will be moving in June, so i am not looking to go to a school for a year or what not. My moms friend is taking a 3 week course which is allowing her to give medicine to patients, i think it is called a nurse practitoner? Please help if you have any ideas!!!! Thank you

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That would be a medication aide, not a nurse practitioner. (:

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i agree with you somewhat but what about the 2nd degree accelerated bsn that is 12-month long or a one year lpn-rn program? should people run from those programs as well?


i got the impression that the op was talking about zero-to-rn.

hey im a senior in high school and im really considering bchs but i have heard that the test to get in is really hard and i dont know the requirements? but the question that i cant seem to find the answer to id do bchs have suites or dorms? and are that nice ? it woudl be nice if it could be answered fairly quick thank!!

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