What is the nurses role in preventing/reducing post c-section infections?


My topic is " The Nurses's role in prevention/reduction post-c-section infections".

My school changed the idea this year from patient education to NURSE education.

Basically, how can NURSES play a role in the problem we identified.

Any suggestions on my new topic?

Does anybody know where I can find nursing journals related to my topic?

So far, I found 2, but its been very hard. We need 15 nursing journals total out of 30 articles.

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for one thing, a c-delivery requires an incision, so you will have to do for that patient what you would do for any patient with an abdominal incision.

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The Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health is a good place to look, and of course AWOHNN. Don't forget to check the publications from other countries too!

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I would start off by using the databases provided by your school, run a couple of searches on Cesarian Section reduction/infection. Try different combination, make sure you select scholarly articles only.

Also just think about what a c-section entails, its a surgical procedure so infection risk is always there. things like strict hand hygiene, dressing changes (if appropriate), etc


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I have been using the database searches on my school website. However, I found several good articles that I cant use because they are older than 5 years. I am specifically looking for Nursing journals, or journals written by nurses. I would really appreciate it if I can get some help in finding at least some nursing journals regarding my topic.


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have you asked the research desk at your school for assistance? I found the research librarians in my system to be invaluable resources in finding hard-to-locate articles!


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yes I have! but I am still searching!!! lol


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I also searched a lot of articles and about the question according my experience nurses have a lot of to do when dealing with patients suffering c-section infection. Too bad. I mean they play the main role after the surgery. The main role is to prevent patients from contacts with other people and make everything as clean as possible.

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For the good articles that you have found that are older than 5 years, see if there have been any citations made to those articles by newer articles. I sometimes go backwards->forwards that way and find appropriate articles that way. They cite the old article so you should still be able to get that information. This is what I do for new articles that cite sentinel publications (i.e. fantastic work that still remains relevant but may be way past the 5 yr exp date). Find those old articles and see what cites have been made since its publication.

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Do you have access to CINAHL?