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:o Here is my story.

Im 27 years old and I recently had to finish studing the endorsed enrolled nurse diploma in Brisbane and return home to NSW. I had to do this because my husband became really sick (chronic kidney failure) and he needed my support. Now I am to scared to go back to Nursing as I am scared that I will fail again and not finish the course.

I can't return to Brisbane as I need to stay in Sydney (Because of my family) so I need to look at what sydney has to offer. I have tried to get into the Enrolled nurse training program, but did not get in. I am really scared! I thought I wanted this more than anything but I am becoming more and more ready to give up. I don't want to, but I feel I have no choice. I can't get into Uni as I don't have a UAI, so that's out.

Maybe Im not meant to do the job. I truly wanted to help people and make a difference in someones life but it's wearing me down. I also need to get out there and start making some money. If anyone has any advice for me, it would really be helpful. If there are any training enrolled nurses out there, let me know how you got into your program! I must be doing something wrong.


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It might not be exactly what you want to do (if you're moreso after hospital work), but one option (the way I got into Div 2 studies) is to do the Cert 3 in Aged Care, do well in that, and get into the Cert IV course with those results helping you out.



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Contact either Avondale College (http://www.avondale.edu.au) or the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in Sydney (http://www.sah.org.au/default.asp)

Avondale College is the college arm of the hospital, they are affiliated.

Largest private hospital in Sydney, very caring, they may be able to help.

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I am unable to offer you any worthwhile suggestions. However, I do wish you well and encourage you to listen to your inner voice. Don't give up on yourself or your dream to become a nurse. You are still young and even though you might not realise your ambition in the immediate future, that doesn't mean you wont in the longer term when you're older. Many many people enter nursing as older, wiser, more mature adults. And, they usually make excellent nurses! Nothing beats the "school of life!"

Best Wishes to you.



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Recently I saw an add in the paper advertising the Endorsed Enrolled Nursing course. There are courses starting all through the year.

If you contact Sydney Adventist Hospital as Joannep suggested ask for the Learning and Development Department, the Endorsed Enrolled Coordinator will be able to give you some advice and she is very approachable and willing to help.

If you are unable to get immediate admission into the EEN (IV) course complete the AIN (III) and contact the Staff Allocation and Roster Coordinator who is respsonbile for the casual pool of nurses.

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