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This is premature, but I always love thinking ahead, soooo...

I'm starting nursing this fall in a two year community college program. After that, I know I want to continue my education but I'm not sure which would be more beneficial- doing an RN to BSN bridge program (I already have one BA but it's in theater) or, because I already have a BA and will have the Associates in Nursing, if I should/could go straight into an MSN program.

Thing is, I'm not even sure what my options are career wise. Other than being a nurse, in the most basic sense of the word, I'm not sure where I want to run with that. I know the next two years in school will help with that, but what are the choices? What does a DON do? What does a NP do? Where could I go where I'd still be involved in patient care without spending all my time behind a desk, but be more than just a regular floor nurse (no offense to anyone on that front.)


Well by the time you graduate with the AAS and start working as an RN you will need to go for a DNP if you want to be an NP. This is due to the nursing associations changing, you can look this up in the search box. Why didn't you go for a post bachelor rn program? They are usually 18 months longFocus on the next few semesters you will figure it all out once you start Clinicals

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A lot of programs will allow you to go straight to the MSN if you have a previous BA. I have a BA in Sociology and am also attending an ADN program and will graduate May 2013. My intention is to work and get settled in, and then apply for a CNM program.

I didn't apply for a post Bach RN because I don't have the finances or the credit/loaning power to do so. Also, my GPA when I graduated was only a 2.9 and I think doing it this way gives me a chance to beef up my GPA.

I really appreciate all the advice and it's nice knowing that there are people in similar situations. As silly as it sounds, sometimes I look around at all the 18 year olds in my class who are fresh and starting out for the first time and I think to myself, "What the hell am I doing here?"

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Check with the schools around you. My school has a dual program after you finish the asn. It is a bsn-msn program. I am very happy to complete everything at one school. That is exactly why I applied here. Do your research:)

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I think you'll just have to jump in and see where life takes you. The reality is, many higher up positions are worked for and earned, and don't necessarily exist in every specialty or facility. Your first step would have to be deciding what your speciality is going to be. Then get a job in it. Then you'll be able to look around and see what your options are and who has jobs that you think you'd enjoy doing, then make sure your getting the appropriate experience/networking in. If you graduate and start working in a dialysis clinic, your options may be quite different from someone who is working ICU in a major hospital.

Of course there's potential to move around and things like that, I just think it's impossible to know until you've discovered what you like and what you're good at and what options that leaves you with.

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