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What does a medical telemetry unit consist of?


Hi,I'm interviewing for a medical telemetry RN position and I was wondering what kind of pt such floor consist of,mostly cardiac,mix of both cardiac and med-surg pt or basically med-surg pt who are just on tele strips but not necessary have cardiac problems just are on cardiac precaution..please shed some light...


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Common diagnosis: CHF, MI, s/p MI, r/o MI, chest pain/angina, electrolyte imbalances, pneumonia (with cardiac hx or involvement), pulmonary edema, post-op pts, and all the regular med-surg pts with cardiac issues

Often times it is med-surg overflow or ICU stepdown too.


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Also depending on what type of med/tele unit you work on you might get TIA's and all the good stuff. I work on a chest pain/TIA/post cath floor. I work as the monitor tech so sometimes things can get fun at times....I hope that your interview goes well and you like cardiac. I know I do :)