What makes Nursing school hard?

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I've always heard Nursing students complaining and losing sleep.What makes it so difficult? Is it the work load? Clinicals? I have a 7 month old and will be returning to school when she's 1 and a half yrs old.I graduated with my Associates degree in Liberal Arts last year so I have most of the liberal arts courses completed.I plan on apply to a ADN program.I took a look at the outlined courses at the school im interested in and it seems like I will only need to take a Nursing course and maybe one Liberal Arts course every semester.Will that make things easier for me? Plus I can chose to go just once a week for the whole day.I will not be working.What do you think?

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:flwrhrts:THank you Maritesa. You are very sweet and encouraging!

:heartbeatWow BabyCatchr , you are amazing. Yes, a lot of things going in your household.....hold steadfastly , this nursing is really worth it. .....

:wink2: Just keep plugging and believe and love yourself. You sound like a wonderful person to me!!! I know you can !!!! Blessings to you and your family.:D

Thanks! I am glad that I ordered my books today with free 2 day shipping. Now I know what get a head start on before school starts. By the way sound like I will be doing double time during the holidays. Thank God for holidays!!

Developing critical thinking skills. Learning the thought process behind nursing material. The other comments about stress, other students, time-management, careplans, etc. are all doable. You just need to practice to be organized, it's a habit to develop. Yes, all those things played into nursing being difficult, I'm not saying they don't. But what was most difficult for me was having to develop critical thinking skills to answer those nursing exam questions. I am still working on it, and it's been a challenge and a 1/2.

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I think what makes nursing school so hard, for me, is that I am a huge procrastinator.

I think one other thing that makes it hard is that we only get about 4 grades for the whole semester, and those are tests. We do get a "clinical" grade but it's pass or fail. Our final grade has to be at least an 80. Anything below 80 is failing.

Exactly as it is at my school and I've known several that failed a class at 79. something %. Also any of the nursing classes seem to be maybe double the credits for the amount of time that you need to spend with them since the material is so technically based. This is just what it feels like compared to other general liberal arts classes that have the same number of credits.:typing

And if a doc orders something wrong and you as a nurse do not catch it as an error, your license is on the line too. Think about it, those docs are in school longer than we nurses. And do you want to be the patient of a nurse that's right only 80% of the time? Sometimes I think it's a wonder they don't make you pass your RN classes by a higher percentage--like 90% instead. YIKES!:scrying:

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Maritesa: Thank-you. For what it's worth...I think your ex felt threatened by your desire to become a professional, and better yourself. I have just read all the posts (7 pages!) in this Thread, and I am just amazed and inspired by everyone who has sacrificed so much, and worked so hard to become an RN. It just confirms what I have always believed: Nursing is not just a "job"....it's a "calling". It takes special people to go through what we go through to get that degree, and to do the work we do. I applaud us all :yeah:


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