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What lab values should I use for NCLEX? ATI and UWorld are different.


Some examples:

BUN (10-20 for ATI) (6-20 on UWorld)

Calcium (9.0-10.5 for ATI) (8.6-10.2 on UWorld)

Magnesium (1.3-2.1 for ATI) (1.5-2.5 for UWorld)

From what I was told by my instructors and from nurses in the hospitals where we did clinicals, when you get NCLEX questions that include labs, they are WAY outside the range of normal. ATI or UWorld should be fine as long as you know the approximate range.

April Lorene

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They’ll be way out of normal ranges not slightly. I used Mark K lab range, he used to write for NCLEX.

The department chair of my program told my cohort that the normal lab values are provided in the NCLEX, which seemed counterintuitive to me. Can anyone verify one way or another?

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I found this on ExamPrep NCLEX for RN. I