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  1. Keiser University ABSN January 2019

    The ASN and accelerated BSN are the same amount of time (16 months) and money. If you are able to handle a heavier course load, I'd recommend the BSN.
  2. From what I was told by my instructors and from nurses in the hospitals where we did clinicals, when you get NCLEX questions that include labs, they are WAY outside the range of normal. ATI or UWorld should be fine as long as you know the approximat...
  3. Keiser University ABSN January 2019

    I would also recommend taking Chemistry and going for the BSN. I just finished the Accelerated BSN at the Orlando campus. Keiser allows you to take Chemistry through Portage Learning if the Chemistry schedule doesn't work out with your nursing sched...
  4. Keiser University ABSN January 2019

    I would highly recommend the BSN if you are looking to work in a hospital setting. Since the program length is about the same, the BSN will give you many more choices when you are looking for the best job match after you finish. The hospitals here i...
  5. Keiser University ABSN January 2019

    Has anyone applied to the Keiser University Accelerated BSN for the January 2019 cohort? I applied to the Orlando campus.
  6. Nervous about applying to Daytona State College Nursing Program

    I applied in May for the Fall 2018 term as well. Best of luck to everyone and hopefully the acceptance letters will be coming very soon!