What Kind of Specialty and What Do You Do?


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I've worked in both office and hospital settings. Just like an inpatient nurse, the outpatient/office nurse has opportunities to work in a variety of specialties.

As a sort of fun post (as well as gaining knowledge for those interested in office nursing), what kind of office do you work in, and what do you do on a daily basis?

I used to work in a dermatology clinic years ago, and I learned so much and had a great experience working there. I did a lot of patient teaching, administered treatments, drew labs, assisted the physician with specific interventions, and handled other administrative duties (front desk, telephone, scheduling, patient charts, insurance, lab results, sterilizing instruments, stocking rooms, all in all making sure the office ran smoothly) .

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I work in a hospital based outpatient clinic. I do point of care testing for Coumadin management. I get the result, assess the patient, review meds, make dose changes according to standardized protocols, and do lots of communication and patient teaching and documenting.

mohs rn

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I work as a Mohs RN. It is a subspeciality of Derm surgery. I give local anesthetic, assist the surgeon in removing skin cancers and reconstructive surgery, wound care and suture removal, and patient teaching. I truly love my job!


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I work in clinic, in gastro, I do video capsule endoscopy, breath hydrogen test, assist w/flex sig's, paracentesis, unsedation esophageal dilations. I enjoy my job (anyway just about 98% of it).


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Outpatient mental health. I have education groups to teach patients about the medications and management of symptoms of Schizophrenia, check vital signs before psych evals, individual med teaching, keep up with labs, take phone calls for med refills, and spend lots of time on the phone getting prior auths for medications through Medicare Part D, and lots of paperwork.

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