What kind of loans for CRNA school?


Hey all!

I just got accepted to CRNA school, I am planning to apply for FAFSA and Grad Plus loans. I have a good chunk of savings but I am wondering if anyone who has done CRNA schools has any good loans they took out along with the federal aid to help supplement living expenses? I know I can only borrow up to the cost of attendance of my school, and I am worried that that is not enough to supply me monthly for living costs, any loan advice is appreciated! Thank you!


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A friend of mine is now a CRNA. He had to take out a butt-ton on loans (married, new home, 3 kids). The program he went through did not permit him to have a job for at least a year, so they literally lived off of his student loans. I'll have to ask him what he did/who loans were through.

Good luck to you!

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Talk to your financial aid people...I was worried about the same thing and I went in and talked to them. The COA at my school is around 80K per year. After tuition, if I took out the max up to that, it looked like I could take almost 4k/mo if I wanted. Depending on your credit, private grad loans are an option too....Some of those interest rates start lower than the grad plus so if you have good credit that might be an option. They ranged from 4.7-12% from what I saw.


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awesome yall! Thank you so much! ill deff talk to my financial aid counselor too, just wanted to pick the brains of people who have done it before! and ya! i do have good credit so private loans are an option too, thanks yall! ill keep you updated on what i do! :)


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I did federal loans and Grad Plus. Grad plus will lend up to the cost of school just like a private loan. Just know that with a private lender (like Sallie Mae) the school has to certify that the amount you are requesting is appropriate to the cost of attendance. Hope that helps.

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I would pick the GradPlus over the private loans, they are federal loans and interest paid on them can be used as a deduction for tax purposes. You can't do that with private loans.


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Thanks for the info!

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I used private student loans for my undergrad, and the interest on those were deductible on taxes as well. So unless there is something different about graduate private student loans, the interest should be able to be deducted as well.