What jobs are there outside of the hospital?


Everyone always says that there are plenty of jobs outside of the hospital, but I've never been told specifically what they are. I'm planning on going to nursing school next year (ABSN) and I am not sure that I want to work in the hospital, as I want to know what all of my options are.

If anyone could list some jobs that RNs can have out of the hospital that would be great.

Thank you!

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Workplace settings outside the general acute care hospital include nursing homes, home health, private duty, hospice, psychiatric facilities, rehab hospitals, clinics, doctors offices, public health facilities, insurance companies, blood banks, infusion centers, schools, camp sites, occupational health, group homes, prisons, jails, university health centers, Planned Parenthood, ambulatory surgery centers, Indian Health Services, and much more.

The vast majority of these jobs will require 2 to 3 years of inpatient hospital experience. A few types of nursing, such as nursing homes, private duty, and hospice, can be entered with no experience in many regions.


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I would also say "street pharmacist" or " 'hood IV consultant" (for the guys who can't get a vein and need some help). Did I say that? Seriously, military, psych, assertive treatment team (community) and nursing board, homeless, public health, psych or mental health with state or county, or any office would all keep you out of the hospital. I think "street pharmacist" and "' hood IV consultant" may end you up behind bars, so strike those suggestions :nailbiting:

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Many jobs outside the hospital want you to have hospital experience before they will hire you.

Nursing homes usually are willing to take new grads.

Nurses are getting rare in a lot of doctors' offices; MAs run the show these days. If there is a nurse, she needs to be skilled in telephone triage and procedural work (conscious sedation and patient monitoring during procedures).

Home health nurses need to function independently, so usually hospital experience is prefered.

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I agree with that. You pretty much need experience to do much outside the hospital. 2-3 years med/surg or whatever would be good. Ofcourse there are always exceptions I am sure. Even the military requires 1-2 years med-surg before a person can specialize.