What job do you as a nurse besides bedside?

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I am getting tired of bedside nursing. What kind of office jobs are there for BSN nurses? What do you do?

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Utilization management or case management (sometimes these two are separate or synonymous. Depends on the company).

You can also try informatics, but likely not since those require MSN.

More realistic transition is UR/CM since you can at least interview for those if you have hospital experience. Make sure you prioritize working for commercial or non-hospital organizations (i.e insurance companies such as Aetna, Cigna, BCBS) if you hate hospital cronies and bureaucrats.

The insurance companies allow a sort of freedom to work from home some right?

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Informatics. I work with Epic building the documentation for cardiology. When you chart on an echo or stress test, it's my build that shows up.

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Outside of bedside I have done: school, clinical management in home health, clinical liaison in home infusuion and complex care management for children in foster care.

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