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I'm not sure what to do. I'm volunteering at a hospital and answering the call phone for nurses and I really am not enjoying it one bit.

Volunteering does not give one the exposure one needs if they're thinking of pursuing nursing. right?

I'm very confused and not sure if I will be fulfilled in nursing...

I know there are many doors that can be opened and perhaps I should wait til I get in and see how my 1st semester of clinicals


what should an irresolute volunteer do?

I'm thinking of even calling another hospital to see what kind of work they need done???

Thx so much.



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We use volunteers to run errands, stock patient care areas with supplies, transport, deliver mail/flowers, sit with patients, help on the unit with secretarial duties, transport specimens to lab, feed patients (NOT those with swallowing difficulties), fill patients' water pitchers, help in ER to relay information to waiting family members and greet/register patients...ask your director (or whatever title your boss has) what other types of work are available. We love our volunteers and really appreciate what they do.

Most of the time, volunteers can't do much hands-on patient care, so you're right, you can't get alot of exposure to nursing but you can help out alot!! And you will get exposure to hospitals and how things work. It also gives you the opportunity to network with nursing staff and ask questions, which may help you decide if nursing is right for you.:)


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A hospital volunteer in a hospital has a very important role in the facility. To your dismay, it is not a nursing role. I can't tell you how many times the volunteer has connected the dots to make things smoother running.

I suggest you focus your attention elsewhere, and evaluate nursing in it's merits, not by having to answer a phone.


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I volunteered for awhile while I decided about enrolling in nursing school. True, it is frustrating sometimes that you can't "do" more as far as patients are concerned, but I found it to be good experience in dealing with the public and getting a taste of hospital life. In fact, I felt I had a slight edge on some of the students who had absolutely no experience in working in a hospital and were terrified. I thought it was a good stepping stone. Once you get into school and start your clinicals, it will all click together and you'll be on the right track to where you want to go. Best of luck!

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