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good day!just want to ask regarding this dilemma i had.

i am a company nurse and in our company we do have this so called spc clinic where all the members will contribute any improvement to the clinic. anyhow it really helps. however recently they demand us- nurses not to allow employee to stay in the clinic. some of our employee during their breaks will go to the clinic and have a few minutes to rest.

how will we consider this?we were in between the employee and the spc/hr.


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What is an SPC and who is "they" in your post?

Without knowing that, no one can even speculate an answer to your question.

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If you, as the clinic staff member, don't care if employees sit in the clinic, why should the other employees care?

Not knowing the physical set-up, though, I would say that if you're open to a "few" employees spending their break time with you, you should be prepared to host all employees, should they choose to come. You can't just allow a select few.

Is there no other place to spend breaks?

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