What do I need to bring to clinicals?

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My first day of clinicals is this Tuesday; November 14th. I have no clue what I need to bring and since I will placed in a Long-term Care home facility, is there anything extra I need to bring? I want to be well prepared for any surprises that may arise. Any information will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.-Aileen


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The only thing that we needed was a black ink pen and our stethoscope. A bunch of us also took a small pocket notebook to write VS in and our assessment sheets. That was all that we needed. Good luck to you!

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Ditto to all of the above. We also bring a penlight. I take a couple sheets of paper that I fold up to fit into my pocket for jotting vitals and assessment findings. Before clinicals I write a "cheat sheet" on half of one page to help remember what to assess, as well as my agenda of what I hope to do and when. Now that we are passing meds I also write my client's med schedule on it.

I also carry some alcohol wipes for my steth, but sometimes you can just grab some of those once you're on the unit. Some of the people in my clinicals also had the page where you record physical assessment (the one with that little man on it) reduced to 1/4 it's size and laminated.

Once we get to the unit, we also grab some oral care stuff from central supply and other things that our clients might need so that we aren't running back and forth so much.

Good luck at your first clinicals!

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It would be good to have some sort of clinical reference program on a PDA, instead of lugging the books around. Otherwise I'd suggest the books. Just to be amply prepared.

You want to impress your instructors, plan your day ahead as much as you can. When you go in to assess patients, go in with bed change in hand, bath stuff and anything else for AM care.

Get a set of 'brains' and use them. It will keep you organized. If you want mine I offer it to everyone. It's well put together (if I do say so myself) and I usually get lots of compliments on it. Just let me know.

Stethoscopes and pen light, small notepad (for notes/vitals), couple of ink pens (two different colors - one color for when you come on getting information, and a different color as the day progresses to report off changes).

I had a big green folder/clipboard which opened up and kept all of my clinical stuff inside. I had a highlighter, tons of different colored pens, alcohol wipes, gum, permanent markers, notepad, penlight and a clinical reference guide as well as extra notes I thought I might need. I always had what I needed right there with me in one place, and I didn't have to stuff my pockets full to have whatever I might need.

Just a thought.

Good luck with clinicals.


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Stethoscope, penlight, tricolor pen, notepad... There is a great little notebook that I took with me and thought it was great. I'm not sure if you're an LPN or RN student but there's one for each. They're called LPNNotes and RNNotes. They're pocket sized and have pages for 5 patients' information that can be cleaned off with ETOH wipes. Loved mine.

Most places have drug books available to look up your meds.

Have fun and good luck!

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You don't need much.

I always take my stethoscope, penlight, pen/pencil and a small notebook. I also have a small drug guide I keep in my pocket as well as my clinical paperwork in my clipboard.

That is it.

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