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What happened after NYS BON reviews criminal record?

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I passed my NCLEX and then received an email asking for a Letter of Explanation regarding my criminal history, since I had checked yes on the application. I had submitted the case reports with the application. I emailed the letter and received this response "Your file has now been forwarded for review by our investigators to determine whether you meet the qualifications for good moral character. This review will take approximately 2 weeks or so. If the investigators need any additional information or documentation for their review, you will be contacted. Once your file has been approved, we will proceed with the licensing process. " This past Wednesday was

Can anyone that has had to have their case reviewed let me know what their experience was? Did you hear back after the decision? If so, how long did it take? If not, and approved, how long did it take to show up on NYS BON verification? TIA

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Moved to Licensure: Criminal History forum. Amanda, if you look through the threads here, you'll find a wealth of experience. However, it's important to keep in mind that each person is considered individually and their experience may not mirror yours.

@amandalsanchez I came across your question and am currently wondering the same thing and am hoping you have received an answer by now. I just passed the NCLEX over 2 weeks ago and have been checking the online verification portal constantly. I submitted my part of the NYS application way ahead of time back in March so I was hoping if there were any issues with what documentation I provided they would of let me know by now.

After you had passed your NCLEX, when did they contact you to provide additional information?

I'm hoping by now everything was cleared up for you and that you received your license in a timely manner. TIA!


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Were you able to get your license? I am waiting as well