What are you doing graduation night?


All this talk about pinning cermonies has me curious: what do you all intend to do the night you graduate??

I'm in a quandry; I just don't know how to celebrate it. My husband wants to throw me a big party, but I dread the work that will be involved with that. The cleaning, the cooking, the sprucing up, the expense....bah! That sounds like drudgery, not a celebration. I also don't want to deal with the gift thing - people have already helped me so much with babysitting, moral support - I've been reaping their gifts since I've started NS. I should be throwing a party for THEM.

I don't drink, so going out to a bar and whooping it up won't work for me. I do support everyone who is going to do that though - it's a lot of fun!! I do go to bars, but I don't want to do that on that evening.

I would like to spend it with my family in some way. Right now I'm thinking of going out to a really fun restaurant of some kind, something different than we normally do. I want to keep busy and have fun all day long. Any suggestions??

What are YOU going to do?

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I didn't celebrate my graduation. Heck, I didn't even attend the graduation ceremony. I was sick of being around my gossipy, immature, catty classmates. As long as I had a nursing license in my possession, that's what mattered the most to me. Earning my licensure was my personal indicator of a job well done.

On my graduation date, I had flown out-of-state to close the deal on the house that I currently reside in. This occurred in October 2005. :)

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We'll probably just be going out to dinner...I haven't completely decided. It is our wedding anniversary too so i'm trying to come up with something good.


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WEll, because I am on student council and part of planning (andd grad is at 7PM), I'm not doing anything on actual grad night I dont think! Maybe I will go out w/ my hubby afterwards? I dont know...

BUT the night before my family is having a huge party for me at my fav Italian resturant. We will have 18 people there- I am excited! :) Just hope I make it--still have finals!

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