What was your gpa-California Comm College


What was your accepted GPA for California Community Colleges? Did you apply to a school with a point system?

My gap for core science pre-reqs is 3.0 and overall gpa is 3.7.

I don't have time to do CNA training and I am not bilingual.

Should I consider going to a private university instead?

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Don't go private. I graduated from a california community college and I had about the same stats as you. I spent a considerable amount of time applying to community colleges around my area and they all used a point system. Apply to colleges with what you have, and while you wait, see if you can use the point system to your advantage. In some schools, you would get points for being bilingual and if you're not, you just get points for two semesters of Spanish.

@neosoldier Thanks; May I ask what CCC you went to? Did you get accepted first round of apps? Did you do the parallel program with Cal State to get a BSN?

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Went to rcc...I got in the first time. I also got into mt sac, and copper mountain college.

I didn't do the parallel program with a cap state. I actually don't plan on going to a cap state for my bsn.

I got into a community college with a 3.4 science GPA and 3.45 overall GPA. I'm also a CNA, have over 150 hours of volunteer hours, and am also bilingual. I do know people who got in without being a CNA though.

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I applied with a 3.0 overall gpa, 3.5 science gpa, and took 2 semesters of Spanish. The school was a point system.


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I am in the process of applying to ADN programs (my gpa isn't great) and I have to say that if you have point system CCC's near you then they can work in your favor even if you aren't a CNA. Taking the TEAS or the HESI and doing well will definitely give you a bump up. I would look at the schools and if you do like what you see about the program you can calculate your total points to see where you would be in terms of the competition. I went to information sessions to see what the cut off points were for the previous semester and I used this forum as well. Hope this helps.


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I just got accepted into a nursing program at a California Comm College (Modesto) with an overall GPA of 3.5 and prerequisite GPA of 4.0. I applied with 83 points... I didn't have any medical experience. My advice to you is to study really hard and kill it on the TEAS (I got 95.3% which gave me the point boost I needed).

Good luck to you!