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What is a good book to study for the nclex pn 😀



I am new to this forum, I know this question have been ask a lot but I do want the most current review on the type of books I should really get to prepare myself to study for the nclex on that is coming up soon...

So far what I have,

exam cram fourth edition that comes with 445

question and 3 practice question in the disc.

Lippincott review for nclex pn 10 edition by Barbara Kuhn timbly and Diana rupert

And using Saunders the 4th edition green one...

I heard LACHARITY PDA is a must have but can some one help me out on what edition is good to study for nclex pn or how does it look like?

I am a bit stress I started studying for a month already but I don't know if I am doing my studying the right way... I been answering a lot of questions everyday and did some reading to refresh my mind.

I also heard most people mention about Kaplan strategies... that is a must have... can anyone tell me how that book look like what edition

I know that most people mention Kaplan class or course I really can't afford it right now... but can anyone tell me where you get the Kaplan qbank book? Or what edition it is... which one is better or should I simply focus in what I have?

I kindly appreciate any response.... 


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I would say what you already have is fine. I passed both my PN and RN using only Saunders

I take my nclex pn in October and I also have the same questions my DON said no more reading just do questions, questions n more questions but I feel like I need to read more like Saunders 5th Ed...