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I am a new grad RN and have an opportunity for a neurosurgery step-down unit nursing position. I was wondering if anyone who works in that area of nursing can tell me a little of what it is about or what to expect I did not have many rotations on this floor during my education. Thank you for the help in advance and any insight into this field is helpful.

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is it neurosurgical icu or step down? that will make a difference in the answer ;)

it is a step-down unit

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On my unit we deal with a lot of backsurgery - which means PCA's, epidurals, and LOTS of pain management. In addition to this constant flow we also get ICU transfers such as crani's, bleeds and such. When we have open beds then we will take medical overflow. Ours is a fast-paced unit, but you learn a lot! Ratio 1:6

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back surgeries, trauma, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, ischemic/hemorrhagic strokes, shunts/drains, craniotomies, psych pts with medical issues....i love it. our ratio is 1:4 and when you get special training for more advanced icu step down pts it decreases to 1:3

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