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cokristinug specializes in Neuroscience/Cardiac.


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  1. cokristinug

    Code Brown

    haha just don't believe everything you hear! that is ridiculous that people actually think that they are exempt from BASIC patient care because of the degree they hold.
  2. cokristinug

    How old were you. when you become RN?

    21 BSN
  3. pretty sure demerol is contraindicated....
  4. cokristinug

    Gonzaga (WA) FNP Distance Program

    im looking into gonzaga as well....it sounds too good to be true (except the tuition..yikes!) but what book did you use to study for the MAT?
  5. cokristinug

    pt/inr platlets and coumadin and fragmin

    i remember that one time a nurse was going to hold the fragmin bc a patient's platelets were low and the doc wrote on the chart "dont hold fragmin, has nothing to do with platelets" so idk....
  6. cokristinug

    When 2 New Grads are hired on the same unit

    it was supportive. not competitive in the least bit.
  7. cokristinug

    New Grad Advice

    I just graduated in December and I would like to tell new grads to not be surprised when you feel like you don't know anything once you start your first job. I learn more everyday at work than i did in school. Oh and I study alot more now than I did in school...but that may just be me
  8. cokristinug

    Graduate Nurse starting salary? All feedbacks welcome!

    washington state $25/hr starting
  9. 1. What is your age? 21 2. How long have you been a nurse? three months :) 3. Did you work as a CNA before becoming a nurse? yep. 4. If yes to #3, how long did you work as a CNA before becoming a nurse? two years - during nursing school. 5. If no to #3, do you wish that you had? 6. Regardless of whether you worked as a CNA prior to becoming a nurse, do you believe working as a CNA prior to nursing better prepares you to be a nurse? YES.
  10. cokristinug

    Awaiting my results.

    that should mean you passed. if it doesnt allow you to enter any credit card info then you are good to go.
  11. cokristinug

    Awaiting my results.

    after you put in all your info to register for a new exam it should stop you from putting credit card info in if you passed.
  12. cokristinug

    Homeless-- where do they go after discharge?

    "just seems a shame to spend effort and time (not to mention tax money) to heal someone, feed them good food, get them all better, just to turn them back out on the street again." welcome to the healthcare field. :)
  13. cokristinug

    Emergency Room Tips

    I did my final practicum in the ER and I say try to get your hands on anything and everything! And if there is a code, tell them you want to do CPR. I did, this was my first time on an actual person, and it was invaluable experience.
  14. cokristinug

    CNA during nursing school, good idea?

  15. cokristinug

    Am I being snotty?

    I'm having this same dilemma...
  16. cokristinug

    Took NCLEX RN today


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