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cokristinug specializes in Neuroscience/Cardiac.


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  1. cokristinug

    IV Gauge for CT

    I've always been told by CT/Radiology that a 20 gauge is sufficient.
  2. cokristinug

    Pin Number & HIPAA

    lol thanks, didn't even think about that.
  3. cokristinug

    Pin Number & HIPAA

    Thanks for your replies! Totally spaced on the P&P's being private, so definitely disregard that!
  4. cokristinug

    Pin Number & HIPAA

    Hello, I am currently completing my FNP program and have to write a paper regarding a process I would like to change in my work environment. I was reading posts from a while ago where nurses were discussing the system where patients are given a pin number upon admission to the hospital. Patients would then be able to give out their pin number to people whom they authorize to receive info. When the person calls the nurse, then they have to provide the pin number in order to receive any kind of information about the patient. Well, I was wondering if anyone would be able to provide any info about how this system works in your facility? If anyone can send me linked policies and procedures that would be even more helpful! Thanks so much.
  5. cokristinug

    Free Practice Test for you to try! Lets compair scores!

    81.6 % :)
  6. cokristinug

    What to expect in Neurosurgery Nursing

    back surgeries, trauma, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, ischemic/hemorrhagic strokes, shunts/drains, craniotomies, psych pts with medical issues....i love it. our ratio is 1:4 and when you get special training for more advanced icu step down pts it decreases to 1:3
  7. cokristinug

    Waste of Time

  8. cokristinug

    how to keep track of dr orders

    On my unit, the secretary makes a copy of the Dr's order and puts it in the nurse's box (each nurse has their own box) so that we can review the orders and carry them out properly. It's also helpful because we don't have to keep referring to the actual chart since we have a copy for ourselves.
  9. cokristinug

    Code Brown

    haha just don't believe everything you hear! that is ridiculous that people actually think that they are exempt from BASIC patient care because of the degree they hold.
  10. cokristinug

    Best Nursing School for ED?

    haha I would like to know where UW is ranked best nursing school in the country as well!
  11. cokristinug

    How old were you. when you become RN?

    21 BSN
  12. pretty sure demerol is contraindicated....
  13. cokristinug

    Gonzaga (WA) FNP Distance Program

    im looking into gonzaga as well....it sounds too good to be true (except the tuition..yikes!) but what book did you use to study for the MAT?
  14. cokristinug

    pt/inr platlets and coumadin and fragmin

    i remember that one time a nurse was going to hold the fragmin bc a patient's platelets were low and the doc wrote on the chart "dont hold fragmin, has nothing to do with platelets" so idk....
  15. cokristinug

    When 2 New Grads are hired on the same unit

    it was supportive. not competitive in the least bit.
  16. cokristinug

    New Grad Advice

    I just graduated in December and I would like to tell new grads to not be surprised when you feel like you don't know anything once you start your first job. I learn more everyday at work than i did in school. Oh and I study alot more now than I did in school...but that may just be me