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Thank you for the heads up and pointers! I will print out that link and review it. That's very helpful of you! It only has been a few semesters since I finished A&P , however, I feel like I can't remember what I learned in it. LOL. I got a A in the class, but I think I am just working my self up.

And Hopefulgirl I also feel like I am heading into this blind. The important thing to look at is you got in! Your academic standing must be somewhat good, and administration choose you amongst many other applicants. We both should both be happy about that! That is reason to definitely reason to celebrate!

I feel the teachers help you and want you to succeed. It scares me, however, when I hear of the teachers who intentionally try to weed students out of the program :/

We'll be fine though!

Keep in touch if you want. I know a girl that will also be in the program, if you need a study partner let us know!


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hey I know this thread is 2 yrs old but just wondering how everything worked out for everyone? I am also a MATC student and I plan on petitioning in January to start the technical courses in fall 2014.

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I graduated this last week! It was amazing, tough, terrifying, and so worth it! I feel very well prepared to start working as a nurse.


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I just got accepted for spring 2018. I am excited but is anyone in this program current or future starting this program with a child, husband and a full time job? I do not want to hear you CAN'T and WON'T make it. I want to here positive example, how did you manage your time? What you do to distess after a stressful day? What keeps you motivated? How do you study?

Thanks for anyone who shares.

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