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  1. drthomas

    What to expect at MATC...

    I just got accepted for spring 2018. I am excited but is anyone in this program current or future starting this program with a child, husband and a full time job? I do not want to hear you CAN'T and WON'T make it. I want to here positive example, how did you manage your time? What you do to distess after a stressful day? What keeps you motivated? How do you study? Thanks for anyone who shares.
  2. drthomas

    Should I Be a Nurse? 5 Things to Think About

    Thanks nice to see an article with information that makes you feel like you still making the right choice in life.
  3. drthomas

    What Are You Thankful For?

    Im so thankful you put this post up. I am so, tired of hearing the people complain about nursing salary, long hours, the hardship period. I am a nursing student, wife and mother. My goal was always to help people but was unsure what career i really wanted. I am older now and very excited to succeed in the program as well as life as an RN. I am so ready for the challenges because i feel that is how we figure who we really are and can become as we grow in this life. So, again thanks for an open, honest, enjoyable post to read and God bless you all on your happy journey as being a blessing to others and becoming and doing honerable and hardwork as RN.
  4. drthomas

    When did you know?

    After working my first home care job as an aid, i new i could help people physically and mentally. It was a gift to be able to do it and enjoy it. I don't mind being compassionate and caring for whomever. We as human should always help one another in some way and nursing to me was just natural.
  5. drthomas

    As a CNA, What Was Your Starting Pay? 2015

    My starting pay in 2005 in Wisconsin, was $10.51....know with over 11years experience in the HOSPITAL, my pay is $18.03.
  6. VA hospital will take you in from the Rn license from the philippines degree....

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