What a difference a year makes!!

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Last year on this day I made my first post on this site about starting my nursing school journey!!


In that time I have completed (most of) the pre reqs and gen eds for my program and am happy to say that I have been accepted and will be starting the BSN program this fall!

Hopefully a year from this date I can post that I am successfully completing my 1st year of nursing school!!

Congrats to everyone who's hard work has paid off and is about to start nursing school!

If you're just getting started work hard and have dedication! It all pays off in the end!


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Congrats!!! Good luck for the upcoming semester!!

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That's wonderful! Congrats to you!!! :laugh:


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Congrats! Good luck in your career. Don't forget to pray.

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Congrats on getting accepted!

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Congratulations! I will be starting my first semester Fall 14' as well!!

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Congrats! Time does fly by. I started on allnurses when I was a pre-nursing student to a nursing student to a new RN and now with that all important 1 year of RN experience behind me. I would encourage you to journal so you can look back on your experience throughout your journey.


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Awesome and congrats

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Congratulations! In June I will be finishing my first year of the program and it has gone by so fast. Get ready for the ride of your life!


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Congrats!, are you prepared for a new way of living? ;) You will not regret!


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What a difference 2 yrs really makes! I have brought that Cum GPA up to a 2.98 and HOPEFULLY will be starting nursing school in the fall and I graduate with my BA in Child Development in 21 days!

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