What does "CSM" mean?

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Does anyone know what the abbreviation "CSM" stands for under the Musculoskeletal box on an assessment flowsheet?

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The short answer, as some others have pointed out, is circulation, sensation, and movement. 

This means for circulation you are assessing for pulses and capillary refill times, sensation is asking the patient if they are experiencing any symptoms of numbness and tingling, etc., and movement is of course assessing one's range of motion. For movement, nurses commonly assess one's grip and dorsi/plantar flexion to make sure that these are equal bilaterally. 

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Circulation, sensation, movement?


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Circulation, sensation, movement?

Mystery solved ... many thanks!


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How about STS? as in improved STS left foot. Thks


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It should show up on your CDS form near/in the section for O2 assessments if you're assessing patients and filling that form out (and the answer given above is exactly correct)

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