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What classes did you take the semester after you finished pre-reqs?

Trying to decide what to take now....

I just finished my pre reqs this past semester and started the RN program a few weeks ago ( we start in the summer :( ) I'm getting my ADN through my community college but plan on getting my BSN at our university so I'm also working on my pre reqs for my BSN. I'm not sure if you are going to a 2yr or 4yr program but you could either take classes twards your AA degree which you will need to transfer to a 4yr college or start knocking out your pre reqs for your BSN if you already have your AA. One semester I took photography just because I wanted to take a fun, creative class.


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I finished my pre-reqs last semester. Both microbiology and nutrition are co-reqs, so I'm getting them out of the way so I can have only nursing classes when I start the nursing program. I might also work on the pre-reqs for my BSN.


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I started with BSN pre-reqs, got on a wait list for an ADN program and then applied to BSN programs which I didn't get into, then I worked on finishing my associate's, I took random classes to be a full time student, did phlebotomy in the summer, started working as an ER Tech, then spent two years and earned BA in Spanish while I was on the wait list. I actually was withdrawn from the wait list for not taking the TEAS V in time (had taken the TEAS 4.0 back in 09 but I was irresponsible in not keeping track of the TEAS V deadline) but then reapplied to a BSN program and got in. Now I'm starting in the fall and the good thing is that I won't need to take any general education classes since I already have a Bachelor's and can just focus on my nursing classes.

I'll be starting nursing school in the spring. However in the fall I'm gonna be taking world geography to fulfill a global study requirement class.

After I finished my prereqs, I took co-reqs also. I took developmental psychology and nursing statistics. At my university (BSN program), those classes are required co-reqs. They dont have to be completed prior to acceptance into the program and are not actually part of the nursing core, but must be completed to get your BSN.

After my prereqs I took a coreq for the nursing program then I found out last month that I was accepted to the BSN program this fall. I'd say if you haven't already, then try and get coreqs and whatever upper division or lower division classes out of the way before the nursing program if you can. That way you are able to just focus on your nursing classes. So now I'm just enjoying my summer before I start the program this fall.


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