What would you choose? (Placements)


Hi nurses! :nurse:

Just curious. As new graduates, we are offered EITHER:

- Two x six month rotations in different fields

- One x twelve month rotation in one field

I have heard a few students say that after 6 months, you start feeling confident and get the hang of it and then have to go to a new environment and start all over... but then Im thinking, experience in two areas is good?

What do you guys think? :coollook:

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Optionally, I'd go with two: emergency and critical care.


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I would have to agree that experience in two areas would definitely be good.

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I would go with 2. I like change though. The position I am just interviewed for will be primarily in one area, but they do sometimes get floated to 5 other areas, not often, so you get cross trained. I would really like that rather then ONLY the one area forever. Some people hate change, I don't mind it at all.

For my Sr. Practicum I did float and I actually enjoyed it. I enjoyed the change and if you didn't like where you were there was a good chance you would be somewhere else with different patients the next shift. It had it's downfalls too though.