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What caused the hypothermia?

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You are reading page 2 of What caused the hypothermia?. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

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Oh yes I have seen hypothermia related to low blood sugar before

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Acidosis in the ABG pretty much seals the deal, but to take the path less traveled just for fun (not sepsis), I had a quadriplegic patient with a high SCI (C3) and dysautonomia. Autonomic dysfunction can take many forms but in this particular case it was manifested by hypothermia, bradycardia, and hypoxia (hypoxia being a function of bradycardia). He bradied down to 28, desatted to 70%, and looked half alive (guess I'm an optimist). Called the RRT, 100% O2 on the vent, increased the RR, by the time they got there he was back to sinus 60s. I felt dumb, but I had finally experienced autonomic dysfunction firsthand. Could it be that this woman with a history of CVAx2 had experienced re-infarct or perhaps ICH and subsequent dysautonomia, whether transient or permanent?

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