What are the best tips you have for answering multiple choice questions?

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I am in an ADN program and scored only an 86 on my first in my Fundamentals class. I am disappointed because I studied everyday. I bought multiple books on test taking. I'm starting to get the hang of "thinking critically" when it comes to nursing questions.

What should I keep in mind when I am answering every question? So far the repeat students in my class keep mentioning ABC(Airway, Circulating, Breathing), Maslow's Hierarchy, and patient safety.


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Is it because they learned it this time or because they're still getting it wrong? :eek:

The person you need to ask is your faculty, not somebody who has already demonstrated failure.

Safety comes first, then getting more information.



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No offense to repeat students, but are they the ones you want to be looking to for advice?

I look at the question and cross off the ones I KNOW are wrong. It really depends on the question after that as to how to answer. ABC's are a good start.

I think 86% on your first test isn't a deal breaker. Go buy a Saunders comprehensive NCLEX review book, many questions I got on exams were similar to those questions ALL through school (in my last semester)



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I honestly don't feel bad for most of the repeat students. Our program was going through a lot of changes last year. The faculty was shuffled up. I've compared our syllabi and study guides compared to what they received last semester and there is a HUGE difference. I truly believe it was a combination of underestimating the program and bad luck. Mostly underestimating the program.