What are the best qualities in the aids on your floor?


Hi everyone,

I am a junior nursing student who recently got hired to an ICU/CCU as an aid. The unit is SO fascinating and I dream of critical care nursing when I finish school.

I want to succeed in this job through giving my best. I was hoping this community could help me by describing their colleagues: what are the best qualities of the aids on your floor? What do the most effective ones do? Where do you feel like they can improve?

I am especially interested in the advice from any current or former aids.

Thank you! Have a great weekend


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They take initiative to learn things, help, do things that aren't in their job description. They don't sit on the computer all night and surf facebook while I am drowning and running for supplies, blood, labs, turning, on the phone, traveling to interventional rad, OR, CT, MRI, etc.


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Ones that dont complain about EVERYTHING.


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It's a great quality when they take the initiative to help and do what they have been told is a part of their job description. We have techs on our unit that sit A LOT when all us nurses are running around like chickens with our heads cut off. It's exhausting when they don't take the initiative and have to be constantly asked to do this and that.

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What exactly does your unit have aids do? We don't have aids in our ICU like regular floors do. Our aids are just secretairies... so they only do orders. But I LOVE when they volunteer to do anything. Blood sugars, positioning. Really, if you see a nurse running around and you have a minute, just say "Hey, I can help you with something. What can I do?" I try to do that a lot if my patients are easier and the other nurses look frazzled. And the more you seem receptive and show initiative, the more you'll learn. You'll be a step ahead in nursing school. (Or at least in the real world of nursing). :)