What is the best Ortho Med-Surg Nursing Text out there?

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I'm looking for a good text on Ortho Med-Surg nursing. What have you seen or currently have that you recommend and why do you recommend THAT text? Also, the publisher, of course. Thanks a bunch.


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Hello! I recently became ortho certified and wanted some useful information to keep my knowledge up to date without using the Ortho core curriculum (very boring). I found a paperback text titled Adult Orthopedic Nursing (Delores C. Schoen). It is excellent-everything that I wished I had while I was studying for the ONC exam. There are fantastic illustrations and it contains a great deal about body mechanics specific to injury, fracture, and or post-op and joint replacement--also how to properly move the patient in bed and proper repositioning (THR, lamis, etc.)

Anyway, I can't remember but I think this book was advertised in NAON--I found the same thing on the internet for $23.00 (it was $45 from NAON)!

Title: Adult Orthopedic Nursing

Author: Delores Schoen

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins


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The core curriculum IS a littly "dry." :) But what I found was by reviewing it I was able to pull up information that I have stored somewhere in my memory. That's how I work. Hands on. Pictures are great and the Schoen is a great book.

Getting membership in naon is another way because the journal is included in the yearly membership fee. The Wheeless (medical mode) Ortho textbook is good for concise answers.

But all in all I like the Core.

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