What is the best job that has to do with mother and baby

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  1. Which job is the best midwife, postpartum nurse, l&d nurse ob nurse or neonatal nurse?

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    • Postpartum nurse
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      L&d nurse
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      Ob nurse
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      Neonatal nurse

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I want to hear opinions from those of you who have had experience in l&d postpartum or those who are ob nurses or midwives. Wich is the most rewarding ? Which have you all found to be the best? Which have you loved?


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What about Lactation consultant? If had anything to withs moms and babies this would be my interest.


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Many wannabe RNs thing these are nice easy happy places that are familiar because of perhaps past babysitting experience. Most do not know that their mother/baby education in nursing school is a small fraction of the course of study and most will be with adults mostly elders. Most do not know that most of them will never find jobs as new nurses in mother/baby areas and will end uo doing something else they find they like alot. There are terrible tragedies in every part of nursing inculding nursery and labor and delivery. If thats why your asking, wait to see what you learn before making yourself a promise you cant keep.


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Why do you sound so angry? There is nothing wrong with having a preference. I'm quite sure no one thinks working in L&D excludes you from tragedy. That's the great thing about nursing, there's so much to do, if one department isn't for you then change...


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I didn't read anger in that post. Half my class wanted L&D or post partum. I applied to women's health and got hired. Out of 18 from my class. No idea why I was successful and the rest weren't.

Actually I think I do. It wasn't about holding babies for me, it was about the mother and trying to give her support and help in the short time spent in hospital. I also knew that not every birth was a planned or happy event.

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