What is the best area/specialty to work if you are a new RN in the US?


Hey, just want to start a thread to gather info that will be helpful to foreign nurses starting a career in the US. I just want to know what area or specialty will be the best place to start with...Im looking both short term and long term benefits in terms of employability, pay, job satisfaction and continuous improvement and other areas which you think should be worth considering.

Will also like to know areas/specialty where you should not try if your a new RN in the US. Please share your thoughts and experiences.

Thanks in advance!


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I think it's Med/Surg. That's in terms of experience.

suzanne4, RN

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No long term care under any circumstance for a foreign nurse, especially one that has no prior nursing experience. It is just an accident waiting to happen.

There is not one LTC that offers the proper oritentation and you get over 30 patients that you are responsible for, if not more. And legaly responsible for.


I like telemetry units, usually better staffing ratios than med-surg, and you are continuously learning. Also dependson the prior experience of the RN in theri home country, if they have any.


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I will say Med/Surg in terms of good experience and employability in long run. Have you seen job advertisement. says (preferable med/surg experience). Also day shift gives you more experience. You meet more MDs, procedures are done during day time, discharge teaching. It is challenging but I feel like I've learned more then my friends who chose night shift.

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